Do You Or Someone You Know Suffer From Chronic Low Back Pain Or Sciatica?

Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop Reveals How To Naturally Heal Back Pain & Sciatica For Good.

It's Free To Attend This Informative Back Pain Workshop!


When? Saturday at 10AM

Where? 44656 Mound Rd. Sterling Heights, MI 48314

Can't make it? By registering, you can elect to attend these workshops instead:

  •  2/24/18
  •  3/10/18
  •  3/24/18

Hurry - limited seating available... First come first serve!

Dr. Alex Borja Local Back Pain Expert & Workshop Presenter.

"As we move into 2018, I look forward to sharing "what's working now" in solving back pain & sciatica. This is valuable insider information that isn't what you've heard from your friends, family, found on the internet or other back pain doctors!"

What Others Have Said About Us...

"After years of taking medications, having injections in my spine and on the brink of a herniated disc surgery, I broke down. I became very depressed and was scared of what the future would look like for me and my children. Attending the back workshop really helped me. With all the information gained from Dr. Borja, I am thrilled I was able to avoid a back surgery. I would have not been able to afford any more medical treatment or take on a surgery as my insurance is very expensive. Attending the informational workshop for free was wonderful and very informative. I also saved who knows how much doing it...highly recommend it!"

-Sarah G, Stay At Home Mom, Shelby Twp Resident

"I remember I was suffering with pain everytime I sat down for a long time. I would stand up and feel alot of pain. I couldn't walk or climb stairs or go grocery shopping. I was surfing Facebook an came across the workshop video and decided to sign up. I learned more about my back pain from the workshop than I have all my years combined with my family doc! I was also very impressed with the facility and his staff we're really nice as well. If you are reading this and you have pain, just go. You'll be happy you did."

-Hailey T, Retired, Sterling Heights Resident

"When I came to Borja Physical Therapy, I had pain in my lower back and down in my ankle. I have been taking care of my mother who has has less mobility and requires me to use my legs and lower back constantly. I decided that I needed some physical therapy to help and came across this clinic. I have had a successful and rewarding experience! Before attending I was unable to comfortably shop at Kroger. My visits were labored and painful...Now I can walk laps around other shoppers and am usually pain-free! Thank you Borja PT!"

-Karen D, Education, Troy Resident

"My legs had become very weak and I was severely limited in what I could do. Walking up and down stairs was very tiring and I had swelling in my ankles. My core area had become very weak as well. Some of my movements would cause nagging pain on the right side of my back...with the training I had on the exercises & posture and learning how to do them correctly, strength to my lower body started to return and gave me a sense of freedom to return to my normal activity."

-John R, Retired Macomb Resident

Learn more about "whats working now" for stubborn, nagging lower back pain by registering for our FREE Back Pain Workshop...

By registering, you can elect to attend these workshops instead if you can't make it:

  •  2/24/18 
  •  3/10/18 
  •  3/24/18