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Spinal Decompression

Premium Physical Therapy

Weight Loss Solutions

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

About Our Spinal Decompression Programs

Why it works.

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  • New Technology

    Utilizing the most modern equipment with the most sensitive computers on the market, your experience is completely unique to you.

  • Comprehensive

    You’ve never seen a spine program like this one. We know, we’ve looked! What we did is create a program that includes everything the other decompression programs offer, with much more!

  • Highly Customized

    Our program molds a program unique to you and your spine. No two spine’s are alike and they should never be treated the same. Dosage, intensity, frequency, duration are all tailored to you throughout the program.

  • Focus On You

    Our entire model is based around client satisfaction. We don’t take your money and “hope it works”. Your satisfaction includes expectations being met and actually seeing results.

Premium Physical Therapy

About Our Physical Therapy

Why it works.

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    Locked in one-on-one time with THE licensed physical therapist professional. No techs or aides are allowed to perform therapy services, ensuring high quality recovery.

  • Manual Technique

    Manual orthopedic rehabilitation is what we specialize in. Using hands-on techniques to reduce pain and improve activity level- fast!


    Pairing our hands-on techniques with brand new technology hitting the market, we bring you faster and complete recovery to meet your goals.


    Our loyal customer base knows and trusts us to bring them the best care possible. We don’t try to prove that we’re the best, our raving fans do that for us!

Weight Loss Solutions

About Our Weight Loss Programs

Why it works.

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  • 3D Body Scanning

    The new technology to hit the market in 3D modeling has hit the fitness industry. We’re proud to provide the complete picture with our state-of-the-art Fit 3D Proscanner.

  • 100% Guided Program

    Our weight loss programs would not be complete if not for the fact we are with you the entire time! No more guessing or partial programs – our complete solution is the answer.

  • The Complete Solution

    We’ve seen what’s out there. We’ve taken the best local programs and made it better. We include personal training, vibration weight loss therapy, supplementation, nutrition and more!

  • Long Term Results

    Our program is designed to help educate you along the way and provide long term lifestyle changes that will provide a life time of weight loss, not just a fad diet! Our program offers continuing support to stay healthy.

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Spinal Decompression

Premium Physical Therapy

Weight Loss Solutions