FAQ: How Can Physical Therapy Help Back Pain?

Back pain is an extremely serious problem that can significantly affect your mobility and limit your function. Physical therapy is a proven and effective way to control back pain, as well as help prevent it from occurring in the future.

In fact, the owner of Borja Physical Therapy, Dr. Alex Borja, knows exactly what it’s like to have severe back pain. During his undergraduate study, Dr. Alex suffered an injury while working out that left him debilitated. Unable to go to class or even get up from bed most days, he decided that he needed to find a safe, effective way to not only get out of pain, but more importantly, to properly function again. He studied various techniques from Europe and, after months of hard work, was able to successfully treat his back condition.

Since that time, Dr. Alex has dedicated his personal life, both personally and professionally, to helping others with their back pain. He has created a specialized program that helps control back pain by focusing on strengthening targeted muscle groups that are responsible for stabilizing the spinal column and pelvis.

As part of the specialized back program, you will also receive a home exercise program as part of your Plan Of Care. These exercises are movements designed to safely strengthen the targeted muscles without the risk of further exacerbating your injury or condition. These exercises play a large role in the progression of recovery for back pain.

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