How to Reduce Low Back Pain in Utica, MI

low back painA Quick Introduction

Did you know that 80% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives?

Both men and women seem to be affected by lower back pain equally, with complaints of dull aches to high levels of sharp pain.

Low back pain can be acute, subacute or chronic. Acute back pain is usually the most painful and has occurred recently. You may notice high levels of pain, swelling, and muscle spasm in the low back. Subacute low back pain has been around for 4-12 weeks. This main is still quite painful and people tend to seek help in this category. Chronic low back pain is something that has been around for >12 weeks. People often report they are in pain but have “gotten used to the pain”.

The longer your condition, the more challenging to treat. It is often ignored in hopes that low back pain will absolve on its own. This may be true much of the time but can result in untreated pain that can turn subacute or chronic, and thus harder to treat.

Don’t wait until your lower back pain becomes harder to treat. Contact us here and get set up with a doctor of physical therapy today.

Causes of Low Back Pain

Common causes of back pain tend to arise from work related conditions although they can easily be caused by other activities such as gardening, cleaning, or recreation.

Did you know that remaining sedentary can also cause back pain? Muscles around the spine atrophy, or lose muscle mass, causing the risk for injury to skyrocket after prolonged disuse.

Wait, if activity causes low back pain and rest causes low back pain – how can I manage and prevent low back pain?!

Reducing Low Back Pain

The answer is simple. You need movement. Our bodies were designed to constantly move and remaining sedentary is not something genetically advantageous. Can you imagine if our ancestors sat around all day? They would starve or worse – become some animal’s meal!

Movement is key but you will also need appropriate movement. This is the hard part because most everyone does not understand proper body mechanics and how to reduce risk for lower back pain in their daily activities. There is risk in everything we do. How much risk you have depends on the activity. The risk for the above conditions (work, gardening, recreation) is often higher and will therefore require proper body mechanics education to solve and prevent low back pain.

This is where a professional would become highly valuable. Think about how much a simple visit to a physical therapist might save you compared to long term low back pain costing thousands! Physical therapist are the leading experts in movement and function and can teach you many ways to reduce risk for low back pain – all while doing the things you love.

But that’s just part of it.

Other solutions to lower back pain include exercise training to promote strong muscles to tolerate your activity. When your muscles fail – your low back pain increases. Exercise is an area many are not familiar with and will need to seek guidance for proper exercise. Improper exercise won’t help and even make things worse!

In summary you can reduce lower back pain with the following:

  • Custom proper body mechanics (to your hobbies)
  • Posture control
  • Prescribed exercise
  • Massage
  • Medication
  • Heat to the low back (if chronic)
  • Cold to the low back (if acute)
  • Surgery – avoid at all cost!

Where To Turn If Your Low Back Pain Isn’t Reducing

You would always want to check your options before a surgical procedure. Try your other options first and use surgery as your last option. Physical Therapists perform the majority of the above solutions (minus surgery and medication) all in one place!

The last thing you want to do is wait for low back to absolve on it’s own. Shell out a few bucks and get educated on how to prevent low back pain in the future, learn a ton of exercises, and spread the knowledge to friends and family. Even if your pain were to reduce on it’s own, you learned how to save tons of money down the road.

Who should you see? We would recommend a physical therapist as the primary care giver in this realm. Physical therapist are high qualified to treat low back pain and will get you doing what you love most.

You may Contact us here and get set up with a doctor of physical therapy today.

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