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Persistent pain is no joke...

When you have muscle, nerve or joint pain, you need to feel better - fast - so you can get back on your feet and keep on living. Our responsibilities never end: kids, grand kids, jobs, leisure activities… but back pain can stop you in your tracks.

We often take our mobility for granted. Walking, hiking, cycling, running: these are all activities you may have loved in the past, but now you may be considering giving up because of pain.

That's why we've created the Discovery Visit™ - A simple, new way to access pain alleviating information.

Stop dealing with this...

  • Taking a couple ibuprofen pills each day, hoping the pain will disappear
  • Pain slowing you down while you miss out on social events
  • Scheduling and visiting serveral different doctors only to get nowhere
  • Paying exorbinant medical costs only to remain in pain
  • Unable to fully participate with family, like attend little league games
  • Pain restricting your ability to get more active and lose weight
  • …And frustrated, tired, and broken when all you want is your LIFE BACK!
If any of these above points applies to your life - the Discovery Visit™ is for you. The Discovery visit™ will help you fix these limitations, it will get your back to activities you love (and need) to do!

And get back to enjoying...

  • Spend more time with your kids or grandchildren
  • Start a fitness program and begin losing weight
  • Save time from scheduling doctors appointments
  • Stop spending money on medical bills
  • Get back your swing in golf or other sport
  • Boost work performance and mood
  • Take your spouse out on a spontaneous date
  • Return to gardening, yard work and house keeping
  • Enjoy participating at social events & gatherings
  • …And finally get your life BACK TO NORMAL!
So start now. Take back your life and get back to activities you love to do. The Discovery visit™ is the first step in helping you get there.

Discovery Visit™ Benefits

It's FREE!

Our Discovery Visit is entirely free of charge. So don’t bring your wallet because we won’t ask! Learn More

Specialized Testing

Our specialized testing will pin-point your exact problem so that your pain can be solved at its source. Learn More

Super Easy Access

No paperwork, no payments, and no scripts or referrals required. Walk-in and begin. It’s that easy. Learn More

Feel The Difference

Our goal that each and every Discovery Visit™ leads to noticeable improvement that proves our specialized program works. Learn More

Tell Your Story

The solution is in the details, so allowing you to tell your story on how your pain or limitation came to be is vital. Learn More

Custom Solution

When your Discovery Visit™ is over, you’ll walk out with a Customized Solution in your hands, revealing your findings. Learn More


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The Discovery Visit™ is FREE!

We know anything health related can bring uncertainty to our customers, especially the costs associated with care. That's why we've decided to eliminate the risk factor, and now offer our Discovery Visit™ entirely free of charge!

Super Easy Access

We take the normal everyday barriers to getting help and eliminate them. No more paperwork, no payments, and no scripts or referrals required. Our Discovery Visit™ only requires 15-30 minutes of your day to get real help.

Tell Your Story

How many times have you gone to your trusted health care provider, only to be rushed out of the room with less than 5 minutes to ask your questions? Our Discovery Visit allows for time to hear your story so we can make an accurate determination on the best solution for you.

Specialized Testing

Our special testing and procedures can pin-point your limitations or pain so we can figure out exactly what's causing your pain. Generic diagnoses like "Arthritis" are not a complete answer and a more global problem is likely at fault. Learn what's causing your pain so you know exactly what your options to heal are besides pills or surgery.

Feel The Difference

We want you to not only come and hear what we have to say, but feel the difference with the new information you've gained. We want you to walk out the door with a newfound sense of comfort knowing there are answers out there. Our Discovery Visit™ was designed to not only talk about helping you but prove that our methods work!

Customized Solution

At the end of your Discovery Visit™, you'll be presented with a customized solution laid out based on the information gathered during the session. The Custom Solution will focus on what your options are for healing and getting your life back to normal.

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Client Stories

These are REAL client stories from REAL past clients. See why upgrading just makes sense.
Servando Espinoza
Servando E.
Very friendly and professional staff. Doctor Borja is a new level therapist to me. I've got immediate results on my back pain. I really recommend Dr Borja's clinic.
Athina Malik
Athina M.
Just starting out here. So far the employees are friendly and knowledgeable. I will keep you all posted with another review in the near future.
Lara Shovlin
Lara S.
Started just recently with a torn rotator cuff and can already tell the difference. Great friendly staff committed to helping me feel better fast!
Laurie DiFilippo
Laurie D.
Wonderful staff. Prompt appts and thorough.
William Smith
William S.
Friendly people easy to work with not overbearing or bossie. Clean environment with new equipment and smiles a good place.
Andrea Wright
Andrea W.
My 8 year old niece had her first appointment last week with Dr. Alex, and she is excited to continue therapy. She needs help with her scoliosis that is causing back pain. With a treatment plan in place we are looking forward to some help and getting her back pain free!
Sharine Berry
Sharine B.
I like the appointment was quick and convenient. The office staff is very personable and approachable. Small and welcoming environment
magarita medina
magarita M.
Service is so sweet and kind, they really help me out with my neck not be as sore. The staff is incredibly sweet and very helpful
Ann Miller
Ann M.
It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Borja. He is helpful, kind and informative.
Alberto Marquez
Alberto M.
I heard about Borja from a friend. I will definitely recommend Alex (Borja), Greg and Jamie.Thank you for helping me with my right knee getting back to normal and gaining confidence to walk normal again.Thank you again! (Gracias)
Cher Virostick
Cher V.
Very nice staff. Had results that other doctors didnt explain to me but Alex took the time to do that which was nice. Would definately recommend coming here!
Zaneera R.
Zaneera R.
My first visit went very well. Dr. Borja was great, super personable, and listened to my concerns. I’m looking forward to hopefully a pain-free experience next time I go there and have faith that Dr. Borja can get me there!
Chris Olson
Chris O.
Any Physical Therapy needs in the future this will be my place!
Smit Gandhi
Smit G.
Dr. Borja and the staff have been very professional, courteous, and friendly. This is one of the better practice to go to for all your therapy needs. I am always impressed and satisfied with services received. Facility is also very clean.
Carol El-Sayah
Carol E.
After going to a different PT place which made my condition worse I found Borja PT. Dr. Borja is extremely knowledgable and was able to tell me more about what was causing my pain than the several doctors I had been to. His approach is much different than the last place and he is able to explain to me in depth the reason for each individual exercise he has me do. He has taught me a lot I will continue to use his methods in my daily life after I am done with PT. Would highly recommend this place... to anyone that needs more
Yuriy Leybin
Yuriy L.
Very friendly and professional stuff
Amanda manni
Amanda M.
Great place. Clean and friendly. Dr borja and Greg have been great to work with.
Dr. Borja truly cares about helping his patients - as my husband says, “he really knows his stuff”! I was impressed with his genuine care and concern for my husband’s condition and how best to increase his quality of life-great physical therapist!
Melissa Qualls
Melissa Q.
Great place! Clean environment. Friendly, courteous staff. My husband has come a long way with walking again, since starting his physical therapy sessions with Greg.
Bryan Vroegindewey
Bryan V.
very knowledgeable friendly staff who go outta their way to make you feel comfortable been coming here a while now and i would definately highly recommend them to anyone

Fast. Simple. Free.

The Discovery Visit™ cuts the time it takes to get help from traditional healthcare by 50%.

No Paperwork.

No lengthy forms or paperwork of any kind to fill out prior to your Discovery Visit™.

No Script Required.

Attending your Discovery Visit™ requires no physical therapy referral or script.

No Payments.

No payment of any kind is necessary to attend your Discovery Visit™. We won’t ask!

What Happens When You Sign Up?

After you sign up for your Free Discovery Visit™ you can expect the following...
  • Super Easy Access

    It’s all about less headaches for you. By taking away barriers like paperwork, scripts and money, we make it a no brainer to instantly receive the help you need and deserve. Simply sign-up for your free Discovery Visit™ and you’re in!

  • Tell Your Story

    Finally – you’ll have the opportunity to tell your story. The solution is in the details, so allowing you to tell your story on how your pain or limitation came to be, will lead to proper development of a custom plan of care for you.

  • Receive Valuable Information

    In addition to the powerful advice and information you will gain by attending you Discovery Visit™, you’ll receive unique content, courses and guides sent straight to your inbox. The information you gain will not only help you feeling better, but empower to make an informed decision in your healthcare.

  • Specialized Testing

    No problem, syndrome, pain, ache or issue is without solution. Our specialized testing will pin-point your exact problem so that your pain can be solved at its source. More importantly, looking at your body as a ‘whole system’ instead of isolated painful areas is very important to a full recovery.

  • Customized Solution

    When your Discovery Visit™ is over, you won’t leave without value. You’ll walk out with a newly developed Customized Solution in your hands that will reveal what you can and should do to return your life back to normal. In addition, you’ll also walk out with other helpful information and guidance to heal your injury.

  • Bonus: Continued Support!

    Even after your Discovery Session™, if you wish, we can continue to send powerful bonus information in the form of content like guides and courses to help solve your pain. While the Discovery Visit™ will reveal valuable information, there is simply too much information to provide in during the 15 minute visit! So we made it simple to continue to receive the best tips, tricks and advice beyond your Discovery Visit™.