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Get the answers to all your concerns, apprehensions or fears before attending therapy…

…With frequently asked physical therapy questions from people just like you.

We get a lot of questions about physical therapy basics including what to expect, costs, processes and more. Because there was so much demand for detailed answers, we now offer a 100% FREE guide on the most common physical therapy questions answered in the book below. Get your guide instantly by clicking the button below.

You will also find answers to all of these important questions which will help you make an informed decision on what you should do about your pain…

  • What exactly is physical therapy and how does it help?
  • Does physical therapy cost money or can I use my insurance?
  • Do I need a script from my family physician to go to therapy?
  • Will physical therapy hurt or cause more pain?
  • Will I have to do a ton of exercises?
  • How fast can I expect to heal?
  • How long will I have to attend therapy?
20 Frequent Questions for Physical Therapy
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Some of the questions you will find in this book are outlined below…

What is Physical Therapy? Physical therapy is performed by a licensed physical therapist. We provide services only by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy (not all clinics do!). You will be evaluated to determine the cause of your pain and how we can help. You will be given a recommended number of therapy visits to decrease your pain and improve function after the evaluation is performed. Each session is approximately 45 min to 1 hr in length comprised of manual techniques, stretching, exercises and modalities such as heat or cold.

Do I need a script from my doctor? In most cases the answer is no! In Michigan “Direct Access” is a law passed on January 1st, 2015 stating you can now see a Physical Therapist for up to 21 days or 10 visits (whichever comes first) without a script. If more therapy is needed at that point you can then get a script. Please keep in mind even though this is a law enacted, some insurance companies may still require you to get a script from a physician prior to seeing us. If you pay our discounted cash rate however you will always be able to see us first and save money on a doctor visit! Please call (586)884-4565 to see if you need a script.

What’s the atmosphere like? We strive for more personalized care and you won’t see a bustling super busy clinic atmosphere you might have experienced elsewhere – and for good reason! We only schedule patients to allow for up to 45 minutes or more for EACH patient. As such, you will have a more private and personalized experienced. You can also expect to heal faster and have greater patient satisfaction as a result! How would you like to be one of 30 patients in a 2000 sq ft office trying to figure out how to do your exercises? Not quite the personalized physical therapy experienced you’d expect!

Will it hurt? Will I have to get undressed? Physical therapy will rarely hurt and we can always modify therapy techniques and exercises to decrease any discomfort. You will almost never have to remove clothing unless therapy course of care dictates in rare circumstances, at which point you will be professionally draped and always made to feel comfortable. We do recommend loose fitted clothing to your sessions for access to the injured joint or tissue.

Does Physical Therapy cost money? How much? Physical therapy services can be paid for in cash, credit or using your health insurance. Because there are literally thousands of plans and different insurance companies, we cannot possibly list a price you might pay! Some insurance plans will cover 100% of the cost and some more like 75% or less.

Why would anyone pay cash for Physical Therapy? Although health insurance does have a purpose, sometimes plans dictate very high deductibles or co-pays that might cost you MORE than if you just paid cash! As crazy as that sounds we do come across this situation more than we would like. We want to make therapy as affordable as possible and will provide any cash pay patients with receipts so they may apply deductions to their taxes. Plus when paying cash you DO NOT need a physician script and the number of visits are not limited by an insurance company. Additionally with cash you can see any physical therapist you want – even outside your health insurance network. Insurance companies (especially HMO’s) want you to only see practitioners within their network. Guess who’s in their network? Those who are willing to accept a ridiculously low pay from that insurance company to provide services – probably not the best practitioners! Cash = freedom.

Insurance is a headache. How do I figure out what’s covered? We would love to help you figure out your benefits as it pertains with your health insurance and physical therapy coverage. It will only take us a phone call to your insurance and can tell you what your payments (if any) would look like. Additionally we deal directly with your insurance company throughout care – making the  process seamless for you! At the end of the day it is a good idea for you to know exactly what is or isn’t covered in any health provided services – we highly encourage you to know before hand but we are glad to check for you!


Here are a few key concepts to understand about Borja Physical Therapy if you have been to another therapy clinic before:

What Borja Physical Therapy different? Glad you asked! If we had to put it in one word: quality. Yes, we know everybody claims this. Yes, it is a super cliche answer – but it’s true! We’ll ask a few questions and tell us if you previous experience went something like this: You walked in and were immediately greeted and your session started right then. You had a nice private setting and your DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) therapist spent over 45 minutes of one on one CONTACT time with you. They spent time doing SKILLED manual therapy techniques. They stayed with you to do every single exercise. When you walked in the clinic, they didn’t require you to sign in, sit, wait, maybe hop on a bike for 10 minutes or ignore you. They didn’t have wasteful modalities (Ultrasound, E-stim, etc.) performed that only temporarily take away pain. They didn’t then spend only 10 minutes (maybe 15 if your lucky!) with one on one time before sending you off with a physical therapy ‘tech’ to do your exercises, or worse, by yourself.

How are you able to spend so much one on one time? We’ll the simple answer is greed. Unfortunately physical therapy businesses are owned by businessman and/or physicians – not physical therapists. Most physical therapists are good, kind people, but unfortunately must see up to 10 patients per hour (that wan’t a typo) just to make more money or lose their jobs. If a physical therapist does not own the clinic you are attending there is one agenda… (Hint: It’s not patient care!) Because of the low overhead and because Borja Physical Therapy is a physical therapist owned clinic – we spend up to 1 hour per patient one on one! Think your insurance company would pay up to $400 per therapy session if they knew you were one of 10 patients being seen by one therapist at the same time? We don’t know how businesses are legally allowed to run like this but savvy consumers such as yourself will definitely wise up and go to the clinic that actually cares a little more about you.

I don’t have insurance or my benefits won’t cover me. If this is the case we have plenty of affordable in-house payment plans at your disposal! Because we want care to be affordable for you, we offer low monthly payments (even below $50 monthly) with 0% interest! No other clinic offers that.

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