Physical Therapy

We provide a level of physical therapy service that cannot be matched anywhere in the area. We believe our patients deserve increased one-on-one time, full time with a dedicated physical therapist, and 100% guidance throughout the course of care.

So why come to us? What makes Borja Physical Therapy so different and valuable?

Time Value

Did you know that the average physical therapist see’s his or her patient for 10-15 minutes? Often times this leads to poor outcomes and very slow progress to decreasing your pain and restoring your function. Sure your in the clinic for about 45 minutes to an hour – but how much of that time is actually spent with your physical therapist? Usually is not much – spending time with a therapy technician to do exercises, or worse, by yourself!

What’s different: We spend a full hour one-on-one with the physical therapist– no other health care providers.

Skill Value

Did you know the field of physical therapy now offers of Doctorate level degree?  Our physical therapist specialize in manual orthopedic procedures and are all Doctors of Physical Therapy. You aren’t just placed on a bike for 10 minutes unsupervised and given electric stimulation, heat or other another automated modality to temporarily reduce pain. You are given specialized manual orthopedic care and advanced techniques that cannot be rivaled from a machine or device. As a result, your pain will drop quicker and you will be back to function much faster than a standard therapy clinic.

What’s different: We specialize in manual therapy techniques, don’t waste time with modalities, and reduce overall time spent at physical therapy. In addition, Borja Physical Therapy provides Doctors of Physical Therapy only – ensuring you get the best physical therapy service possible.

Free Visit Value

We understand the skepticism and apprehension to giving someone hours of your time and money to therapy that might help. This may be especially true if you have gotten little results from therapy yourself in the past. Unfortunately not all therapy clinics are created equal and at Borja Physical Therapy we understand that.

That is why we offer our complimentary “Discovery Visit” which you can think of as a free physical therapy screening visit. During this 30 minute visit we find the source of your pain so you can make a more informed decision on your health care – even if it isn’t with us. During this visit you will fill out NO paper work, have to pay NO money and require NO doctors script. After the 30 minute Discovery Visit you will know the source of your pain and can make a more informed decision. You spent zero dollars and only 30 minutes of your time. No obligations whatsoever.

What’s different: We offer a complimentary “Discovery Visit” to find the source of your pain with no paperwork, no money and no doctors script required. What you choose to do after this visit is up to you. Remember you are under no obligation to stay with us!

Our Money Back Guarantee

Did you know we are one of the few, if not THE only clinic to offer a full 100% refund on your money if you are not totally satisfied with your physical therapy service? That is to say, at any time throughout the course of care if you are not completely satisfied in any way, we will give you your money back. We can offer this Money Back Guarantee to our in-house payment plan patients only due to regulations and guidelines with insurance policy holders. If you will be using your insurance they will be the payer for your care and we have no control over their payments (or refunds).  If you choose one of our interest free in-house payment plans however, we can offer you a 100% money Guarantee. In this case you are paying us directly in full and we control payments and refunds!

What’s different: 100% Money Back Guarantee with our in-house payment plans, putting you at no financial risk!

Affordable In-House Payment Plans

We wanted all prospective patient’s to have access to our unparalleled care and realize that not everyone is rich with money to spend on costly physical therapy visits. To combat this, we offer low costs payment plans for those who wish to participate in a payment plan with us directly with us. Did you know you could actually save more money out of your pocket by choosing our in-house payment plan versus your insurance with $500-10,000 deductible? Unfortunately insurance premiums are rising, deductibles are rising, and copays are rising. We cater to those with high deductibles who wish to save by making affordable payments to us directly. Additionally all our in-house payment plans featured 0% interest, low monthly payments and even financial hardship plans!

What’s different: We offer in-house payments plans with 0% interest, low monthly payments, and financial hardship plans.

Continued Support Value

We don’t just finish your therapy care and send you on your way. We offer multiple modes of contact should questions arise – even if it is not exactly related to your original injury! We are here to help and provide valuable information and guidance, long after you leave our clinic. What’s more, we offer continued fitness courses and nutritional programs to help you stay functional and pain free – for the long term!

What’s different: We provide support long after discharge from our therapy services and provide ongoing programs for those looking to stay health and fit!

If you would like to inquire about our physical therapy service – even to ask a question or determine if therapy is right for you:

Call (586) 884-4565 or Request An Appointment