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This powerful tool will help you discover how you can safely manage your hip, knee & lower back pain - at home.


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Movements To Avoid In Order To Stop Inflammation In Your Knee, Hip Or Lower Back

Learn How To Prevent Pain From Coming Back In The Future - Permanently

Avoid Surgery

Many conditions for hip, knee and back pain actually do not require surgery to fix.

No Surgery Required

Bulging or Herniated Disc

Disc Degeneration or Arthritis

Sciatic Nerve Pain...And Many More!


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What's In The Guide?

A wealth of information to assist you in managing your hip, knee & lower back pain from posture assessment to simple, yet powerful exercises - we got you covered!


"One simple trick to sitting with proper posture- without much effort!"


"The full-proof way to get dressed each day to avoid agonizing pain!"


"Assessing your furniture to ensure optimal support for your back and hips."


"One easy adjustment to help you stand at your sink and counter with less pain!"


"Modifying how you lift and carry objects to eliminate your back and hip pain."


"Common footwear mistakes that are killing your chances at being pain-free."

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