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Affordable Physical Therapy

We NEVER Want Cost To Be The Reason You Remain In Pain…

We understand that your finances are limited. The only thing worse than having to pay for care is paying for care that doesn’t work! We will work with you to ensure that our unique, customized treatment program is affordable – or your money back!

To assist with making your care super affordable we…

  • Accept Your Insurance (Or provide a better option)
  • Provide Flexible Payment Plans
  • Provide Interest-free Payment Options
For affordable options at Borja Physical Therapy, please call: (586) 884-4565


We Accept Your Insurance

Have an insurance plan that no other clinic seems to be willing to accept? We will be able to help! We do accept most insurances for physical therapy care and will work with you and your insurance policy to determine the best and most affordable course of action. But what about the rare case that we can’t accept your insurance or the (more common) case where your deductible is too high?

…Often we will get those with insurance policies that require a high deductible or copay that is simply not affordable for therapy care – even while USING your insurance. We don’t like to ever say “NO” to anybody and will even work with an in-house payment plan that you CAN AFFORD.

If you would like to see if we accept your insurance plan, please call: (586) 884-4565


In-House Payment Plans

Did you know you can save a lot of money by using one of our in-house payment plans? We provide competitive costs for physical therapy rehabilitation that cannot be matched anywhere else. What’s more – we provide 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your service with your in-house plans*.

All of our in-house payment plans are attractive because:

  • You NEVER pay interests
  • Plans are low cost per visit
  • Flexible payment options to match your situation
  • Get treated fast with $0 down
  • Do NOT require Dr script before treatment

If getting fast treatment with $0 down, not waiting on a Dr. script, and absolutely NO INTEREST sounds good to you – our in-house payment plan program may work for you.

If you would like to learn more about in-house plans, please call: (586) 884-4565
*Money back guarantee is for any qualifying In-house payment plan. If you are not satisfied for any reason while in attendance at Borja Physical Therapy, we will refund the total amount payed in full. Please note this guarantee applies to in-house payment plans only and cannot be offered if using Care Credit or other circumstances regarding insurance use per legal guidelines.