Your first physical therapy visit

Your First Physical Therapy Visit


Before Your First Physical Therapy Visit

If you are not quite sure if you are a good candidate for therapy or are apprehensive in any way – that is ok! In fact, most everyone feels the same exact way before their first physical therapy visit! Some common concerns you may be experiencing include:

  • “What if I really don’t need therapy?”
  • “Will therapy hurt?”
  • “Will therapy cost a lot? How many visits do I need?”
  • “Do I need a script before I see a therapist?”
  • “Will I need to remove any clothing during visits?”
  • “What exactly IS physical therapy?”

If any of these questions popped up in your mind – please don’t hesitate to call! We offer 100% free phone consultations to determine if physical therapy would be able to help with your personal situation. Better yet – if physical therapy IS NOT the right choice for you we have a connection of doctors, pain specialists and other health professionals we trust to point you in the RIGHT direction.

To ease your troubled mind, please call us at (586) 884-4565 and we would be happy to ask you a few questions to determine if therapy is right for you and walk you seamlessly through the entire process (it’s not very complicated we promise!)

Alternatively you can get your FREE copy of our report for new patients such as yourself by clicking the blue button below:

With the above FREE report, we answer the most common questions new prospective patients have before setting up their physical therapy appointment. We also include stories of people just like you who have been where you are and share their personal experiences with their first physical therapy visit like the one below.

[bootstrapColumn col_large=”12″ col_medium=”12″ col_small=”12″ col_extrasmall=”12″ class=”wow bounceIn” animation_delay=”0.3″] [quoteBox author_name=”Jane T.” author_title=”Mall Retail/Sales – Macomb, MI” avatar=”” text_color=”#ffffff” name_color=”#262626″]I was really not sure whether physical therapy was let alone if it could help me. A friend had recommended it to me for knee pain. I called Borja Physical Therapy and was given advice over the phone on what therapy was and if it was the best choice. I was referred to a local knee specialist doctor by the therapist here before attempting therapy. I was very impressed that they actually take the time to talk to you and determine the best course of care even if it might not be physical therapy. Very professional.[/quoteBox] [/bootstrapColumn]

Scheduling Your First Appointment

If you are a new patient who would like to set up an appointment, we have made it super easy! Whether you are unsure if you would be a good candidate or already have a script for physical therapy – we can help you immediately.

  1. Talk to a physical therapy specialist by Phone: (586) 884-4565
  2. Request an appointment instantly online:

What To Bring To The First Physical Therapy Visit

Although not 100% necessary, we recommend you bring the following on your first visit:

  1. Appropriate clothing
  2. New patient forms

You will want to bring loose fitting clothing for assessments during physical therapy evaluations and nutrition counseling. This is to make assessment of your condition easier for you and the professional. If coming for an upper body injury, please wear a loose fitting top or tank top. If coming for a lower body injury, please wear loose fitting bottoms that allow for leg movement.

You will also want to bring the new patient forms below to your first physical therapy visit. If for some reason you can’t, don’t worry we have copies here – but DO please arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment to fill out forms.

New patient paperwork is located below. Please click the link to download the PDF file, print, and fill out all forms prior to your first appointment. If you have any questions, please call our office at (586) 884-4565.

Print New Patient Information Packet

What Will My First Appointment Include?

The first physical therapy visit will be an evaluation performed by a specialized orthopedic physical therapist. These evaluations are necessary to gain patient history and specific measurements to identify your deficits and thus, improve your function.

Expect this initial evaluation to last approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length. Our evaluations are typically longer than your standard physical therapy clinic at not extra cost. We want to be sure to attain accurate measurements and listen to your side of the story in it’s entirety. All follow up sessions vary in length depending on your condition but typically expect 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

How To Get To The Clinic: Location and Directions

Our closest cross roads are M-59 and Van Dyke Ave.

If heading east on M-59/Hall Rd, our clinic will be on the left hand side. You will approach a U-turn and drive straight into our parking lot (not completing the turn) from there. We are just to the right of a $2 car wash business at 8243 Hall Rd. Utica MI, 48317. We are on the second floor, suite 202 with elevator or stair access.

If heading west on M-59/Hall Rd, our clinic will be on the right hand side. We are right before a $2 car wash business at 8243 Hall Rd. Utica MI, 48317. We are on the second floor, suite 202 with elevator or stair access.

Last But Not Least…

Relax! The hard part is over and we want to make this the easiest rehabilitation for you and make your experience something to remember. Your first physical therapy visit will be smooth and guided the entire way. We simply need you there and will take care of the rest! After a few moments in our clinic you will feel at home with happy and helpful staff to answer any (and all) questions you may have.

Some Testimonials of Past Patients…

[bootstrapColumn col_large=”12″ col_medium=”12″ col_small=”12″ col_extrasmall=”12″ class=”wow bounceIn” animation_delay=”0.3″] [quoteBox author_name=”Eric D.” author_title=”Retired – Utica, MI” avatar=”” text_color=”#ffffff” name_color=”#262626″]This isn’t your average clinic. It isn’t super packed and busy but that is what I liked about it. I had spent more time with Dr. Alex the therapist than I have at any other clinic in one session. He must have spent at least 45 minutes every session and I saw quick results from the extra time he gave. I will never go to another clinic as long as this place is up and running![/quoteBox] [quoteBox author_name=”Teresa M.” author_title=”Full time mom! – Sterling Heights, MI” avatar=”” text_color=”#ffffff” name_color=”#262626″]After injuring my lower back while playing with my kids, I was recommended surgery by my doctor. I am totally against surgery and had a second opinion and was recommended therapy. I am happy to say my pain is pretty much gone and I am able to do everything I used to including spending time with my kids – without the surgery! If you are as scared as I was about surgery try this clinic first. You might just save yourself from a painful surgery![/quoteBox] [quoteBox author_name=”Shelby T.” author_title=”Hair Dresser – Sterling Heights, MI” avatar=”” text_color=”#ffffff” name_color=”#262626″]I developed carpal tunnel over the past several years at work. My job requires I use my hands and wrist for several hours a day. I had to cut down on my hours from the horrible pain and was recommended I try physical therapy from my doctor. I was surprised to find my carpal tunnel had decreased after only one session. I was able to return to work immediately while I finished with therapy with Dr. Alex. Dr. Alex is very knowledge about the human body and also suggested tricks I can do at home to alleviate pain should my wrist flare up again. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking to keep their jobs![/quoteBox] [/bootstrapColumn]

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