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Is pain, strength or balance limiting your ability to live life to the fullest?

Take control of your life and learn how simple movements, exercises and body positioning techniques to reduce pain now. Get your free guide instantly by clicking the button below.

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  • Why exercises at home don’t always work…
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Why Choose Us?

Awesome Hours
We all have busy lives. That is why we provide hours that most other places don’t. We strive to provide convenience and practicality in your life.

Results Driven
Our loyal clients enjoy faster and longer lasting pain relief and results. Our 99% customer retention rate speaks for itself!

We Save You Money
Providing manual one on-one-care the entire session with a licensed PT for up to 1 hr, our rate is half the cost of our competition.

Rave Reviews
Go ahead and look at our reviews! Our high praise has made us the “go to” clinic for physical therapy & weight loss!

What Others Are Saying About Us…

“I was involved in an auto accident recently and I suffered injuries including whiplash and shoulder/elbow damage. I had a lot of pain and limited range of motion which prevented me from engaging in daily activities. After physical therapy here I achieved noticeable improvements in ... ""

Rachel S.

“At the time I had entered PT my legs had become very weak and I was severely limited in what I could do. Walking up and down stairs was very tiring and I had swelling in my ankles. My core area had become very weak ... ""

John R.

“Left leg and hip pain was extreme at night and inhibited sleep…visits here with PT have alleviated pain to the point where I am returning to a full exercise regimen including running 4 miles and sleeping through the night. Thank you for the help and ... ""

Amy R.

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