About Borja Physical Therapy

About Borja Physical Therapy

In early 2015, Borja Physical Therapy was established in Utica, MI with the mission to provide exceptional rehab services. We wanted local residents who suffer from pain or physical limitations to return to hobbies, work, basic functional activities, and the things they love to do.

After providing the local area for a year, Borja Physical Therapy’s popularity grew…

About Borja Physical Therapy

Where We Are…

Fast forward to June 2016. We made the decision to move so we could have more space to keep specialized equipment and support our rapid growth. We moved 1 mile down the road to the crossroads of Hall Rd. and Mound Rd. in Sterling Heights, MI, where we now operate.

We provide high-quality rehab services to allow local residents to get back to fitness & weight loss. Not to mention, perform house, gardening, and yard work, and enable you to participate with friends & family. We provide unique specialized programs to treat back pain & sciatica and allow for rapid weight loss.

Where We’re Going…

We look to the future extremely optimistic and without holding back. We look to push the envelope in what’s possible in the field of physical therapy, and more specifically, back pain and sciatica & weight loss specialization. By continuing to provide proven specialized programs that offer unparalleled results in a natural and safe way.

We look to reduce the dependence on harmful medications, painful injections, and risky surgeries that only provide “band-aid” treatments. Our programs provide a solution to the ultimate source of your pain in the simplest form.

By providing a deeper way of thinking and treating complex pain syndromes on a level that no other health provider does, we have resolved thousands of local residents’ injuries and allowed them to eliminate pain with yard work, housework, return to fitness and weight loss and spend quality time with family and friends – without worry.

When you come to Borja PT, you’ll know you’re getting the best care. Believe it or not, when doctors need a physical therapist, they come here. Not to mention, they send their closest friends & family as well. For that reason, we pride ourselves on caring for the people that you love most.

Above all else, we aim to provide the community with helpful expert advice and care. We use proven methods for managing pain, such as through workshops, speaking events, and more. In other words, Dr. Borja uses his personal experiences and knowledge to provide the best care possible.

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About The Author

Alex Borja

Hello, I founded www.borjapt.com and my clinic, "Borja Physical Therapy And Weight Loss Clinic" located in Sterling Heights, MI. I help people get out of pain, back to activities they love and promote long-term health. In my off time, I like to tend to my 170 gallon salt water aquarium which houses over 20 fish and dozens of corals - it can be a handful!