FAQ: Can I Begin Physical Therapy If I’m Seeing A Chiropractor Or Other Provider?

Yes, Physical therapy if effective in conjunction with treatment provided by other healthcare providers. In fact, many musculoskeletal conditions can heal quicker and more effectively when physical therapy and chiropractic treatments are combined.

Based on clinical information obtained during the initial evaluation, the physical therapist will create a specialized Plan Of Care that will be most beneficial for your injury. They will also set various goals to achieve throughout your Plan Of Care as well.

We communicate and work closely with all of your other healthcare providers to optimize your recovery. After attending your initial evaluation, the physical therapist writes an initial evaluation detailing your condition and the course of action that will be taken.

The initial evaluation is then sent to your referring physician and any other healthcare providers, along with recurrent Progress Reports as well. If necessary, the therapist will contact your physician or provider with any questions regarding progress or diagnosis.

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