FAQ: Why Does The Therapist Give Me A Home Exercise Program?

After your initial evaluation, the physical therapist will create a home exercise program as part of your Plan Of Care. These exercises are movements designed to safely strengthen the targeted muscles without the risk of further exacerbating your injury or condition. As you advance throughout your Plan Of Care, the physical therapist will begin to introduce new exercises to add to your exercise regime.

The primary goal for the home exercise program is to aide your recovery by strengthening specific muscles in a specific order. These exercises should be done on days when you have physical therapy appointments, and more importantly, on the days that you do not have therapy.

Performing your home exercise program on the days that you do not have physical therapy will help the progression of your recovery far beyond just attending physical therapy sessions alone.

The physical therapist will encourage you to continue performing your home exercise program even after graduating from physical therapy. Making these exercises a priority at least 3 times each week will prevent your injury or condition from reoccurring.

You may also perform these exercises on especially labor-intensive days, days that you are more physically active, or even days where you must remaining sitting for long periods of time, to help limit the pain and stiffness that you may encounter the following few days.

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