FAQ: Will Insurance Cover Laser Therapy Treatments?

Currently, class IV Laser Therapy treatments are not covered by health insurance carriers. However, we do offer several different payment and package options for those who are interested in utilizing the same technology pro athletes, Navy Seals and many others receive for their pain and injuries.

Laser Therapy is often used in conjunction with other treatments, such as physical therapy, to help reduce inflammation and pain. In fact, those participating in physical therapy can purchase Laser Therapy packages at a discounted price.

Laser therapy reduces pain in several ways, influencing damaged cells and promoting the healing process. Reduction in inflammation and pain can be felt immediately following treatment and experienced up to 18 hours after treatment is administered. By reducing pain and inflammation, patients are able to accelerate their Plan Of Care, as well as achieve their functional goals quicker.

Patients who combine Laser Therapy with physical therapy are ultimately able to recover from their injury quicker than ever and get back to enjoying the things that they love.

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