FAQ: What Happens During the My First Visit? (Initial Evaluation)

During the Initial Evaluation the Therapist will go over your medical history, what your current problem/complaint is, your pain (what aggravates and eases the problem), how this is affecting your daily activities, and your physical therapy goals.

Afterwards the Physical Therapist will do an evaluation. The Therapist may test around the area of the pain/problem, test your Range of Motion (ROM) by moving joints to check for the quality of movement, muscle testing, a posture assessment, or any other test he/she deems necessary for a complete evaluation.

We ask that you wear comfortable clothing, bring the completed paperwork (which can be downloaded from our website at https://h6d9x2q9.stackpathcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Initial-Intake-Paperwork-4.pdf), bring your prescription, driver’s license/ID and your insurance card(s) to the Initial Evaluation.

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