FAQ: What Happens During The First Visit? (Initial Evaluation)

Upon scheduling your initial evaluation, we will advise you to wear comfortable clothing, such as looser fitting gym clothes, as it will not restrict the therapist in any way when accessing the necessary area during the assessment.

Additionally, we will also advise you to bring your prescription for physical therapy, driver’s license/ID, insurance card(s), any imaging reports or films, and our New Patient Paperwork, signed and completed. All of these items, with the exception of imaging reports and films, are required in order to receive an initial evaluation.

During your initial evaluation, the physical therapist will start by asking various questions regarding your injury or condition. These questions can include when and how the injury was sustained, what movements recreate the pain, how the injury or condition is affecting your daily activities and more.

Next, they will discuss your past medical history and look at any diagnostic imaging reports that you may have. Once the therapist has a thorough understanding regarding your injury, they will perform an assessment.

During the assessment, the physical therapist will take measurements, such as Range Of Motion (ROM) and muscle strength measurements, do diagnostic testing, such as postural assessments, and obtain other clinical information pertinent to your injury.

Based on this information, the therapist will create a specialized Plan Of Care that will be most beneficial for your recovery. The therapist will also set various goals to achieve throughout your Plan Of Care.

Concluding your initial evaluation, the physical therapist will create a specialized home exercise program for you to perform daily. These exercises are movements designed to safely strengthen the targeted muscles without the risk of further exacerbating your injury.

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