30 Simple Diet And Exercise Tips For Losing Weight

30 Simple Diet And Exercise Tips For Losing Weight

Today’s culture has made it easier than ever to gain weight. You now have to arm yourselves with more knowledge than ever! Here are 30 simple diet and exercise tips for losing weight!


First, don’t EVER think of your new eating habit as a “diet”. A diet implies this is only temporary and that you will stop one day. Instead, tell people it’s your “lifestyle”. You will do this forever.


Eat more protein! It will keep you fuller for a longer period of time. Learn more about protein and ways you can add it to your meals here.

Diet And Exercise Tips


Another great tip is to split your meals into 3 to 5 smaller meals. You will have more energy and less fatigue with smaller changes in blood sugar levels by eating smaller.


Keep a reusable water bottle or jug with you at all times! Drinking water throughout the day will keep you feeling full. As a result, it will improve energy levels as well.


Be aware of when you get intense cravings for carbohydrates. With this in mind, you should eat an hour or two earlier to combat them. In fact, nighttime eating attributes to most weight gain and most people reach for the snacks right after work!


Next, start using smaller plates when possible. Your mind will think that your plate is full. Therefore, you’re actually eating less in the long run.


Eat fewer carbs. To begin with, try eating less bread, rice, noodles, etc. You can even substitute your carbs for alternative sources. Your body will use carbs as fuel, so without them, you will use your current fat stores instead.


Another tip is to try exercising in the morning on an empty stomach. Your body doesn’t have any food, so you will use fat stores as a source of fuel.


Keep a calendar on your fridge. Make a checkmark for every day you eat healthily or achieve a specific goal. For instance, something as small as not drinking soda that day would earn a checkmark. So this will end up making a big difference.


Likewise, avoid potato chips, crackers, or other salty carbohydrate snacks! You might finish the bag before you know it. So, it’s best to avoid these when possible. However, if you can’t bring yourself to part with your beloved potato chips, try getting the individual snack-sized bags so you can’t overindulge.


Keep up to date on fitness tips and tricks. You can subscribe to many online sites or magazines. For instance, Women’s Health Magazine or Shape Magazine. There is such a huge wealth of knowledge that it will take you several months to years to learn most of it.


Without a doubt, one of the most successful ways to stay healthy is to keep a log of the food you eat! Even if you just write down a list at the end of the night. Be honest with yourself!


Take an energizing supplement or cup of coffee before exercise. Not only do studies show improved levels of metabolism after taking an energizing supplement, but they show more calories burned and overall performance as well. More exercise equals more calories burned!


Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite “cheat meal”. Remember if you eat right most of the time you WILL lose weight. Struggling to eat healthily is not a long-term solution and the chance for “rebound eating” will occur if you NEVER let yourself eat what you love.


Wait at least 10 seconds between each bite. It’s hard to do but you will not “outpace” your natural hunger signals. You can also count 30 chews per mouthful to prevent fast eating.


Don’t ever grocery shop on an empty stomach! Eat a full meal prior to shopping to significantly reduce the amount of junk food you buy. Your stomach (and your wallet) will thank you.


After cooking dinner, but before eating, always put all extra food away. You are less likely to eat if its not already sitting deliciously on the counter!


If you have an ideal body physique in mind, take a picture and put it up on the fridge. You will think twice about eating poorly.


If you are dedicated to exercising daily or performing some small task daily to lose weight, tape a piece of paper near your bed or on the ceiling where you sleep. Now you have a nice little reminder to do it daily!


Don’t expect to lose weight at the same pace you do after starting a new lifestyle. As your body fat becomes less and less it becomes much harder to lose weight. You will have to learn and better yourself throughout your plan.


Use your first to measure your food! Ball up your fist. That’s 1 serving! Learn more about how to measure food portions here!


If you go to the gym, always keep a packed bag of extra gym clothes in your car. You never know when the opportunity will strike throughout the day! Waiting to go home and get ready for the gym greatly decreases the odds that you actually go.


Start a smoothie habit! Add protein powder, fruit, veggies, peanut butter, etc. There are tons and tons of recipes online and is a nice healthy treat before or after a workout for energy.


Keep bad food out of sight! Hide it away. A quick glance will trigger an intense craving. Why do you think fast food billboards are so effective? Speaking of which throw away junk mail that has pizza on it. Those always get me…


Also, don’t overdo it on fruits. Yes, they are healthy. Yes, they are good for you. Fruits are often overeaten and can cause weight gain too. There are only so many sugars (healthy or not) your body needs to function optimally. Between extra fruit and a piece of cake, there is no comparison of course, but your trying to really improve your diet. Use fruit to curb cravings but don’t eat a fruit bar. Remember the “fist-size” rule for portioning? Did you JUST eat 1 fist-size of fruit for breakfast? C’monnnnn admit it…


Cook in bulk and prepare your meals! I cook several chicken breasts, rice, and broccoli every week. I then separate the meals into Tupperware containers with correct portions. Now I can eat at home or on the go without having to worry about portions, cooking, etc. Cravings kick in when you have to work for your food. Give yourself a break and do it ahead of time when you have more energy!


Another important tip is to get your loved ones on board! If your family knows you are trying to lose weight they will not pressure you too much. They might even become inspired and join you. You are far less likely to eat badly if your family is there to judge you.


Next, try using technology to meet simple goals. For example, items like FitBit, Jawbone, and Nike + can now track your calories burned, among many other useful statistics. You can even go online and check your long-term progress to see where/when you typically exercise less or more and correct the habits.


Everyone’s an expert. Or at least thinks they are. They are not you. They don’t know what you go through. Do what works for YOU. Take recommendations with a grain of salt and only apply them if they can realistically fit your lifestyle.


Finally, stay accountable. – stick with an exercise program! If you are unsure of how to exercise or progress properly, you can call (586) 884-4565. We’d be happy to help you out with any questions and recommend more tips and tricks.

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I lied. One more. Above all else, have fun! Remember this is a lifestyle change now – NOT A DIET. Try to find ways to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. Those that track progress, force themselves to go to the gym, and fight cravings are likely to do them automatically in the future. In the future you won’t ALWAYS have those intense cravings!

There you have it 30 31 Simple Diet and Exercise Tips For Losing Weight! Take what you can apply to your life TODAY and start with it. You will see progress over the long term and feel better as a result.

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