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FAQ: What Is The Difference Between Class IV And Class III Lasers?

Here at Borja Physical Therapy, our world revolves around our patients’ needs! Our experienced and highly trained team is here to make recovery a reachable goal! We specialize in keeping you active. We empower your decision to heal the natural way, without relying on pain pills, injections or surgery. Learn the difference between class IV and other lasers.

Difference Between Class IV And Class III Lasers

The Difference Between Class IV And Other Lasers

The most significant difference between class IV lasers and other level lasers is the amount of power each can emit.

Class II and III lasers are low level lasers. They don’t have enough power to create a warm soothing feeling on your skin. They also have a smaller area the light beams can reach.

Due to their limited power, class II and III lasers can’t deliver as many photons to damage cells. This means they have significantly less of an impact on your injury, and often lead to disappointing results.

Less powerful lasers can still benefit less dense areas of the body but will take much longer to be effective.

Class IV lasers, on the other hand, have enough power to travel through muscles, bones, and joints. In fact, They are able to penetrate tissue deeper in the body. They are even able to effectively treat damaged cells in a way that doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

The energy from class IV lasers stimulates the production of something called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is found in all of your cells and is responsible for storing and transferring energy in cells.

As the production of ATP increases, so does the speed of your body’s healing processes. You’re left experiencing an improvement in many of your symptoms, which can include reduced pain, swelling, and range of motion.

Simply put, class IV lasers are more powerful and effective in healing musculoskeletal injuries.

Improve With Laser Therapy

Here at Borja PT, we use the Lightforce FXi Class IV Laser. The purpose of laser therapy is to reduce pain and inflammation. Whether you’ve been experiencing pain for just a few days or for a few months. Laser improves the body’s natural healing process through cellular activity. As a result, it helps your body use its own healing powers by starting a series of healing responses.

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