FAQ: What Happens If My Problem Or Pain Returns?

It is not uncommon for injuries or conditions to reoccur again after recovery, especially those that persisted for a great length of time.

Typically, most musculoskeletal injuries occur due to an imbalance amongst the muscle groups responsible for stabilizing that particular body part. As time goes on and muscles are either over or under-used, they begin to fatigue and are no longer able to function properly.

When muscles are no longer providing the body with proper support, pain and injuries can occur. At the first sign of your pain or problem returning, the best thing to do is utilize the home exercise program that was created by the physical therapist. These exercises are proven safe exercises that, when performed correctly, will strengthen the necessary muscles.

Next, take a look at your activities from the past 48 hours. More often than not, pain and inflammation can be traced back to something that happened within the past two days. Sometimes something as simple as modifying your daily routine can help reduce your flare-up.

If your pain or problem persists, give our office a call. The physical therapist can reassess your condition and get you back on the road to recovery.

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