Therapist Update Other Doctors

FAQ: Does My Physical Therapist Update Other Doctors?

Here at Borja Physical Therapy, our world revolves around our patients’ needs! Our experienced and highly trained team is here to make recovery a reachable goal! We specialize in keeping you active. We empower your decision to self-heal the natural way, without relying on pain pills, injections or surgery. So, does your physical therapist update other doctors you have? Yes! After your initial evaluation, the therapist will send their findings to your doctor.

Therapist Update Other Doctors

What Is An Initial Evaluation?

During your first visit, the therapist will start by asking questions about your injury or condition. They will ask how it happened, what movements cause pain, what activities you’re not able to do, and more. Next, they will ask about your past medical history. They will also look at any imaging reports that you may have. Then they will begin an assessment.

During the assessment, they will take measurements, such as range of motion and muscle strength. They will do testing and get other clinical information related to your injury. Based on this information, the therapist will create a specialized Plan Of Care for your recovery. They will also set goals to achieve throughout your Plan Of Care.

Communicating With Your Doctors

We pride ourselves on providing the highest of standards when it comes to patient care. This is why we continuously communicate with your doctor throughout your time in therapy. The therapist will write an assessment of their findings from the first visit and send it to your doctor. As you continue with therapy, they will receive progress reports as well.

After your first visit, the therapist will also create a home exercise program for you. These exercises are designed to safely strengthen your muscles. All without the risk of making your injury worse. They will advise that you don’t continue regular exercises.

During the first few weeks, they will have you do only the home exercises. This will help them track your condition and the effectiveness of the exercises. It also allows them to figure out what may be causing pain or preventing your progression.

Please inform the physical therapist of all upcoming doctor appointments so that they can provide any updates prior to the appointment. Click here to learn more about what to expect on your first visit.

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