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FAQ: What Are The Requirements To Start Physical Therapy?

Getting started with physical therapy can be a burden due to all the documentation your health insurance or doctor may require. So, what are the requirements to start physical therapy and get healing asap? Let’s dig in!

Your health insurance requirements may include:

  • A script or referral from your doctor for physical therapy
  • Authorization from your health insurance
  • Insurance card information
  • Or other various documentation specific to your insurance plan

Many health insurances require that you have all of this in place before attending your first visit.

At Borja Physical Therapy we take the burden off you and take care of all these requirements with something we like to call our Check in Express process.

Our Check in Express™ Process

We take all these requirements off your plate, saving you time, money (save you from an extra doctor visit) and energy to get you healing pronto.

What we’ll need

We’ll only need to ask you a few quick questions to get started – that’s it! We’ll need basic info like your name and birth date, and your health insurance information found on your card.

We’ve made it super convenient to answer these questions, either by visiting our physical therapy service page and filling out the quick form located at the bottom of the page, or alternatively, you can always call our clinic at 586-884-4565 and we’d be happy to help!

The Check in Express™ Process looks like this:

  1. Answer questions: Just answer a few basic questions, which you can complete online at this page or call us at 586-884-4565.
  2. Research: We’ll immediately use that info to look into any requirements your health insurance or doctor may require before starting therapy.
  3. Complete requirements: This is where our Check-In Express™ process shines! After identifying any requirements for you to start physical therapy, we make sure they’re taken care of. We can usually get all requirements within 24hrs or less.
  4. Contact: We’ll reach back out to you and review any requirements we’ve completed on your behalf with you and provide your health insurance benefits, so you know exactly what what to expect for your first visit. We can even schedule your first visit at this time if you’re ready to start therapy.
  5. Done! With everything out of the way in record time, you can start healing asap.

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