Get Lean While You Clean

Get Lean While You Clean

Turn Household Chores Into Effective Exercise

Who says cleaning shouldn’t count as cardio? Everyone knows that cleaning around the house can be quite labor-intensive. What started as a light dusting can quickly turn into an all-day extravaganza. Why not take advantage of the situation and do something beneficial for your health as well? To get the most benefit, you will need to make a few safe adjustments to your cleaning methods. Nearly any household chore can easily be turned into an exercise, but here are a few ideas to help you get lean while you clean!

A long day of wiping down the house is an excellent way to work your muscles. It can also get your heart rate going. Put on some good music, grab a Swiffer and get ready to transform your boring cleaning routine into an awesome workout.

Get Lean While You Clean


Vacuuming is a chore that can easily be cranked up a notch and will give you some extra health benefits. Simply vacuuming at a brisk pace for 10-20 minutes, while switching arms as you go, can be a nice cardio workout to start your day. For those who don’t experience back pain, you can even add in some lunges while you vacuum. Just remember to keep your knees bent at a 90° angle and keep your toes pointed straight ahead.

Tidying Up

Whether it’s toys sprawled across the floor or clothes piled in front of your closet, try squatting with every item you grab instead of simply bending over. When performing a squat, remember to focus on bending your knees and your back while lowering yourself down. This helps protect your back and your knees from injury. This motion should feel natural like you’re going to sit in a chair. You can incorporate squats in any other chore that involves repeated bending, like unloading the dishwasher.

Wiping Down

A simple way to get in some extra cardio during your cleaning session is while you’re wiping down the surfaces in your home. Whether you’re scrubbing the stovetop or washing windows, exaggerate your arm movements to make more frequent, bigger circles. You’ll start to notice your muscles starting to burn by the end of it, so make sure you’re switching arms as you clean.


Cooking may not be considered cleaning per se, but it’s still a chore with some mighty useful downtime. Try taking advantage of the time while food is simmering or reheating in the microwave by doing some sit ups, push ups or planks. Get creative and pick exercises that will get your muscles moving.

You can easily incorporate many different exercises to help transform mundane chores into beneficial exercise. Some cleaning activities will burn more calories than others, but every bit of activity counts! Now is the perfect time to work your way to a cleaner house and a healthier you!

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