Have Fun Outside Safely

Have Fun Outside Safely

Taking a few minutes outside in the fresh air is great for your health. It increases your body’s serotonin and dopamine levels, leaving you feeling happier and in a better mood. During times of high anxiety and stress, it’s important to get into the fresh outdoors. Here are a few ways to have fun outside safely, before the snow falls, of course!

Backyard Fun

What better place to have a little fun outside than your very own backyard? Have a backyard camping adventure with your family tent, a bonfire, and some s’mores. If star-gazing isn’t your thing, set up some backyard games like cornhole. You can even create your own version of bowling with a ball and paper towels as the pins. 

Have Fun Outside Safely

For those who don’t have a backyard, simply taking yourself for a walk around the block can be beneficial. Be sure to keep in mind to maintain a proper distance of 6 feet from anyone who may have the same idea.

Head To A Park

If you happen to live near a park that is big enough to allow proper social distancing, grab your bike or rollerblades and enjoy the crisp air. Even taking a walk with your family will allow you to see some new scenery while getting your muscles moving. Although many states have closed playgrounds in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19, most parks will still let you utilize their trails and walking paths.

Explore A Cider Mill

Now that the leaves are changing and the air is starting to get cooler, cider mills are the perfect adventure to get you out of the house. Whether you like donuts and cider or not, there are still plenty of activities that you can take advantage of. From exploring walking trails to picking apples, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Keep in mind that while you’re outside in public, it is extremely important to use caution and practice all of the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations regarding safety and social distancing. Be careful, stay safe, and enjoy some time outside!

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