Hit Your Hydration Goals

Simple Ways To Finally Hit Your Hydration Goals

We have all vowed to “drink more water” at one point or another. A simple enough goal, yet it’s one that seems to easily fall by the wayside. Here are a few simple ways that will help you hit your hydration goals (and stick with them) once and for all!

Enhance Your Water

For many people, drinking water can seem bland. Luckily, there are several different options to choose from that can give your taste buds a kick, all while enjoying the benefits of water.

Hit Your Hydration Goals

You can opt for traditional flavored water or squeeze in some lemons or limes.

Flavor enhancers, such as Mio, come in a variety of flavors like lemonade or mocha coffee and are another great option. If you’re missing the fizz of your favorite carbonated beverage, sparkling water is an excellent alternative.

Create A Reward System

If you’re someone who consumes several cans of pop or cups of coffee a day, swapping them out for the likes of water can seem almost laughable.

Instead, set yourself up for success by creating a reward system. For every glass of water you drink, reward yourself with your favorite guilty pleasure beverage.

Keep yourself accountable. You’ll still be able to enjoy an ice-cold Pepsi, but you’ll increase your daily water intake in the process. 

Bring A Water Bottle Everywhere

And we mean everywhere. There’s no room for excuses when you constantly have access to your water bottle. It’s also an easy reminder every time you see it to take a swig or two.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly those moments add up throughout the day.

Bonus: opting for a reusable water bottle will also cut down on the amount of plastic waste generated by bottled water.

Find The Right Water Bottle For You

It might sound silly, but finding the perfect water bottle for you is a gamechanger.

Now that you’re bringing your water bottle everywhere you go, you want to make sure it’s functional and makes drinking from it as simple as possible.

Some people like the ease of twist tops, and others prefer to use straws. Those with long commute times may want a bottle that fits in their car cup holder, while those on the go may prefer something that can fit in a bag or purse.

Set Daily Goals

Setting daily goals is important, but make sure to start off small! Try setting the goal of drinking your entire water bottle by noon, and again by dinnertime. Continue reaching for that goal every day.

Once it becomes almost too easy, it’s time to switch things up, like finishing your water bottle every two hours or finishing two water bottles by your designated time instead of one.

Creating goals for yourself will help remind you to continue drinking water throughout your busy day.

Finding ways to incorporate drinking more water doesn’t have to be difficult or even time-consuming. Give these tips a try, you’ll be surprised at how good you’re going to start feeling!  Click here to learn more healthy habits to incorporate into your life!

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