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FAQ: Is Laser Therapy Painful?

Here at Borja Physical Therapy, our world revolves around our patients’ needs! Our experienced and highly trained team is here to make recovery a reachable goal! We specialize in keeping you active. We empower your decision to heal the natural way, without relying on pain pills, injections, or surgery. So, is laser therapy painful?

Is Laser Therapy Painful

Is Laser Therapy Painful?

Typically, most people feel their pain decrease during their treatment. This is especially true for people who have been suffering from pain for a long period of time. Laser therapy can help relieve your pain, without causing pain.

Laser therapy treats acute conditions by bringing pain under control quickly, which can be extremely helpful in the healing process. It also treats chronic conditions. It combats constant pain and even promotes circulation to areas with damaged tissue as well.

The laser light can’t penetrate effectively through clothing. Because of this, treatments are given directly to the skin.

Some people may notice a nice, warm feeling during treatment. Generally, people enjoy their laser therapy sessions, especially when using the massage ball head, which can feel like a gentle massage.

All in all, each laser therapy treatment should leave you feeling less pain than you did when you arrived. It encourages your body to heal in a safe, pain-free way.

Improve With Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a safe and effective way to relieve pain. Treatment is fast, safe, and painless. Laser therapy energizes cells and improves the body’s healing process. As a result, it helps your body use its own healing powers by starting a series of healing responses.

You can feel the effects of laser therapy almost right away. In fact, most people see results in as little as 3 to 5 sessions. Beyond that, the effects can continue for up to 18 hours. That means you will continue healing even after you get home.

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