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FAQ: Do I Have To Limit Activities After Laser Therapy?

Here at Borja Physical Therapy, our world revolves around our patients’ needs! Our experienced and highly trained team is here to make recovery a reachable goal! We specialize in keeping you active. We empower your decision to heal the natural way, without relying on pain pills, injections or surgery. So, do you have to limit activities after laser therapy treatment?

Limit Activities After Laser Therapy

Do You Have To Limit Activities After Laser Therapy?

Unlike recovery after surgery, you will not have to limit your activities after laser therapy treatments. In fact, it’s beneficial to stay moving after laser therapy. Laser therapy speeds up the body’s natural healing process, which can reduce pain and inflammation quickly. This makes it easier to return to doing daily tasks that were once difficult due to pain. 

Laser treatments are quick and can leave a lasting therapeutic effect for up to 18 hours. People often feel their best right after their sessions, like how they used to before their pain or injury.

It can be tempting to take advantage of this newfound relief, like getting a bunch of housework done or walking around the zoo with your grandchildren for hours. It’s important not to be too aggressive and push your limits, though. Stay active when you can, and keep an eye on your pain. Being consistent with laser treatments is recommended in order to reach full recovery.

Improve With Laser Therapy

Here at Borja PT, we use the Lightforce FXi Class IV Laser. The purpose of laser therapy is to reduce pain and inflammation. Whether you’ve been in pain for just a few days or for a few months. Laser therapy can help get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Laser therapy improves the body’s natural healing process. As a result, it helps your body use its own healing powers by starting a series of healing responses.

Click here to learn more about our LightForce Laser service or click here to learn who should use laser therapy.

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