Set Yourself Up For Success

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success

With never-ending deadlines and to-do lists, wouldn’t it be nice if there was something that could make things simpler? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some amazing products to set yourself up for success in improving your health and overall well-being. As a bonus, these products will also help make your life a little bit easier along the way.

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success


Food can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks to tackle each and every day. Cooking the meals is half the battle, so it’s important to make sure the food you prepared is stored properly. After all, when it comes to food, storage is everything. Here are some food-related products to set yourself up for success.

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: Rubbermaid Brilliance Air-Tight Containers

Air-Tight Containers & Chalk Pens

Invest in air-tight, leak-proof containers (like Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers.) Not only will they prevent liquids from spilling, but will also prevent food from spoiling. A variety of sizes to choose from allows you to store leftovers, snacks, and everything in between with ease. The best part is that you can make meals ahead of time and store them in the freezer. Doing this makes it super quick and simple to have a meal when you’re limited on time (or energy!) You can utilize chalk pens to write labels and dates on the outside of the containers. This lets easily identify your meals and how long they will be fresh. 

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: Rubbermaid FreshWorks Containers

Produce Saving Containers

Another great investment when it comes to food is produce-saving containers (such as Rubbermaid FreshWorks Containers). These containers have special vents in the lid that regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide flow. This prevents the produce from browning and going bad. Not only will your produce stay fresher for longer, but you will be wasting less food in the process. Better yet, you’ll be saving money by making fewer trips to the grocery store. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the food in your fridge hasn’t gone bad, which means one less stress in your life.

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: BlenderBottle GoStak Jars

Interlocking Stacking Jars

Stackable jar containers (like BlenderBottle GoStak Jars) are the go-to product when it comes to carrying your essentials. With interlocking containers in a variety of sizes, you can easily bring supplements, powders, vitamins, or snacks wherever you go. The GoStak even fits inside their classic BlenderBottle for even better portability. You’ll be at ease knowing you have all your necessities, without taking up a lot of space. Did we mention that they’re dishwasher and freezer safe?! You can’t get much better than that…


Whether you’re the head of the household or care for your kitty sidekick, life can be hectic. Trying to keep track of everything that is happening around you can be stressful, exhausting, and not to mention, unhealthy! It’s important to rely on tools that can help make ‘running the ship’ seem like smooth sailing.  Here are some organizational-related products to set yourself up for success.

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: Post-It Flags

Sticky Flags & Wall Calendar

As we mentioned earlier, cooking and preparing your meals is only half the battle. The other half is of course planning what to make. Whether you’re trying out new recipes or have household staples, write the meals down on tags (like Post-It Flags.) This allows you to plan your week with ease. Simply jot the meals on each flag and stick them to the desired day on a wall calendar.

Although you could write directly onto the calendar itself, we find it less time-consuming not to write and rewrite the same meals over and over again each week. Plus, flags bring a whole new level of flexibility and adaptability to your planning. An unexpected meeting popped up? Or do you just have a craving for takeout? Sticky flags make it easy to swap out meals so you don’t feel like your whole week is thrown off.

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: Panda Planner

Weekly Planner

In a day and age where you can log everything into your phone’s calendar, having a written planner, such as Panda Planner, may seem like taking a step back into the dark ages, but that’s hardly the case. Designed to optimize productivity and promote positivity and growth (hello, 2020 ‘The Year Of Growth’!) the Panda Planner gives you tools to increase time management, stay focused and hit your goals. With areas to focus on building habits, reflecting on daily wins, addressing potential challenges for the week, and more, you’re able to successfully prepare and execute each day with ease and confidence. Don’t worry, there’s still a traditional monthly calendar section too. 

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: Tile Mate

GPS Tags 

If you’ve ever been told that you’d “lose your head if it wasn’t attached” or have spent 20 minutes trying to locate your keys, just to finally find them in your purse all along (which you’re positive weren’t in there 15 minutes ago) then this one is especially for you. A GPS tag, like the Tile Mate, can be your much needed new best friend.

Whether you clip the Tile Mate to your keys, stick the Tile Sticker on your laptop or tuck the Tile Slim into your wallet, these tags easily attach to everyday things in your daily routine, making it the no-fuss way to keep track of your stuff. Just log onto the Tile app or website and use the GPS map to locate your missing item, or ping your Tile and follow the audible chime. Now only if there was a way to remember why you walked into the kitchen….


There’s no bigger pain in the neck than a literal pain in the neck, especially when you’ve got a million things that you need to get done. Whether you’re trying to meet a deadline or ordering your groceries online, it’s important to keep your body and your posture in mind so aches and pains don’t slow you down. Here are some furniture-related products to set yourself up for success.

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder

Ergonomic Tablet/Phone Holder

With technology at the tips of our fingers, we find ourselves looking at screens more and more every day. Whether it’s reading a recipe from a tablet or watching videos on a phone, our necks are constantly cranking forward as we continue viewing. Using a tablet or phone holder, like the Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder, will let you read and watch your tablet hands-free, all while helping prevent poor posture. Simply clip the tablet holder to the side of your table or bed frame and adjust the gooseneck to find the perfect position for you.

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: Uplift Standing Desk

Standing Ergonomic Desk

Between driving to work, driving to run errands, sitting at work or sitting in front of the tv, we do a lot of sitting throughout the day, which puts an enormous amount of stress on our body. The same thing can be said about standing all day too. Investing in a standing desk, like the Uplift Standing Desk, will allow you to do a healthy mix of both standing and sitting.

Whether you’re typing at your computer or doing crafts on your workbench, standing desks can help lessen the load on your body. With the touch of a button, you are able to work at perfect sitting and standing heights without compromising posture. You’ll also burn some extra calories standing versus sitting, which is also a nice added bonus! And, of course, there is an endless amount of accessories that can attach to your desk to make it perfectly customized to you.

Products To Set Yourself Up For Success: Uplift Desk Converter

Ergonomic Desk Converter

For those who already have an existing desk, there are still plenty of options to create the perfect ergonomic workspace. A standing desk converter, like the Uplift Desk Converter, allows you to transform your workstation by adding simple adjustments that bring your monitor and keyboard to ideal sitting and standing positions.

Most desks put computer monitors and keyboards at a height that forces the user into positions that places stress on the body. Utilizing a desk converter will help you find a comfortable position for both standing and sitting, which is one less pain in the neck that you’ll have to worry about. Click here to learn more about protecting your back while working at your desk.

In today’s fast-paced world, investing in products like these will help you be more productive, stay on track with never-ending to-do lists and make day-to-day life a little bit easier to manage. Setting yourself up for success each day will is a surefire way to improve your health and overall well-being. Your future self will thank you!

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