Stay Active As You Age

4 Tips To Stay Active As You Age

Most people don’t get super excited when they think about aging, but getting older doesn’t have to be all that bad. Aging doesn’t mean you have to slow down or stop doing the things that you love, either. With a bit of guidance, you can enjoy the endless opportunities and adventures that come your way. Here are 4 tips to stay active as you age and live life to the absolute fullest.

Stay Active As You Age

1. Stay Fit

Exercise is essential for your health and independence. It’s even more important as you get older. When you start exercising regularly, you’ll start to see both physical and mental benefits. Studies suggest that you can actually improve how well you move and function as you reach older adulthood. Staying active can even keep your mind sharp as well. Not to mention, it strengthens your bones and prevents heart and brain conditions.

A customized home exercise program will strengthen key muscle groups responsible for stabilizing your body. It will allow you to continue performing daily activities, engage in group fitness classes, participate in family functions, and everything in between! Click here to learn how to stay strong at home.

2. Stay Balanced

Another area to concentrate on is your balance. Maintaining your balance as you age is one of the best ways to improve your overall quality of life. More importantly, it will also help prevent falling. You can reduce your risk of falling by doing your favorite physical activities. Whether it’s yoga, cycling, or even water aerobics. Movement is your goal.

Working with a physical therapist can boost your balance even further.   Their specialized exercise program focuses on increasing muscle strength and endurance.  They’ll use a mix of dynamic and static activities that improve your balance and, as a result, reduces your risk of dangerous falls.

3. Assess Your Surroundings

One of the best ways to stay healthy and active is by keeping your home free of any obstacles. Eliminating potential hazards can reduce dangerous situations, like falling, or more serious injuries that could land you in the hospital. Assess your living area and make any adjustments so you have enough space to move freely. You want to be able to easily walk through your home without fearing that you may trip and fall.

You can take it a step further by consulting your physical therapist. They can recommend different ways to make your environment as safe as possible. For instance, you may need to modify entryway thresholds and bathrooms, adjust lighting, or remove throw rugs. It may even be something as simple as moving a coffee table closer to the wall. Changing the flow of problematic areas will minimize opportunities to lose your balance. 

4. Stay Engaged

It’s important to understand that while you age, it’s not just about how your environment affects you. It’s also about how you interact with your environment. As you get older, things like social isolation and fear can really jeopardize your independence. It can also increase your risk of falling as well. 

To stay active with each passing year, you’ll want to continue engaging in the things you love. Prioritize spending time with family and friends. Become an active member in your community. Be social. These experiences will improve your mental and physical abilities, and help overcome any fear you may have.

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