The Year Of Growth

2020: The Year Of Growth

They say “New Year, New You” but we don’t think that should be the case. The new year shouldn’t mean that you need to reinvent yourself just to have an amazing year. We believe in improvement, in getting better, in growth; that’s why we’ve decided that the year 2020 is “The Year Of Growth!”

Press The Pause Button

Today’s society is nothing short of fast-paced. People are constantly trying to fit more and more into every day. They are always striving to achieve things that are in front of them.

The Year Of Growth

If you ever take a second to breathe, you probably feel a sense of guilt like you aren’t “trying your best.” Consequently, you feel like you should work through the exhaustion. While there is nothing wrong with working hard or even being the hardest worker in the room, it’s still vital to pause and take care of yourself too.

Fill Up Your Cup

Think of yourself as a cup of water. If you never get refilled or replenished, eventually you don’t have any water to give to others. You give and give until you’re empty. The question is, how can you help others if you are overcommitted, overwhelmed, and overbooked?

It’s impossible to meet the glossy-magazine standards of “perfection,” yet you still find yourself on that hamster wheel day after day. But perfection doesn’t equal worth. The only way to ever truly step off of that hamster wheel is to give yourself a little grace. Take a step back and center your focus and energy on the things that matter. You need to start filling up your cup.

Find Your Joy

So how do you fill up our cups? This can look different to everyone. For instance, maybe you really enjoy your morning coffee. Try waking up 20 minutes early to savor your favorite dark roast.

Maybe you really enjoy writing. Try writing in a journal at the end of each night. You get out what you put in. So make sure you’re putting in things of importance, things of substance.

Once you stop setting yourself up to crash and burn, you can start focusing on things that will help you grow, help you feel better, help you do better. Stop wasting your time striving to be perfect and simply aspire to be the best versions of yourself every day.

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Jaime Curl

I've explored many different fields within physical therapy, including acute care and oncology at Troy Beaumont Hospital, elementary through high school levels in the Troy School District, and outpatient physical therapy. As the office manager and marketer, I am able to combine my love for health and exercise science with my people skills, all with a dash of marketing and personal training. My hobbies include spending time with friends and family, baking, crafting, and watching my favorite movies or tv shows.

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