Head And Neck Tension

The Top 3 Ways To Ease Head And Neck Tension Pain

It’s safe to say that almost every person experiences tension in their head and neck at one point or another. Some feel the aches and pains more often than others, all at different levels of intensity. You may not be able to prevent tension completely, but there are tactics that can help you find relief. Here are the top 3 ways to ease head and neck tension pain.

Ease Head And Neck Tension

While physical stress commonly causes head and neck tension, emotional stress is becoming a large factor as well. In fact, too much emotional stress can actually cause an increase in physical stress. You may naturally hold extra tension in your body, stress eat, or simply use poor posture.

The Top 3 Ways To Ease Head And Neck Tension Pain

Alternate Posture

Whether you’re sitting all day or standing, remaining in one single position for too long will begin to create problems. Humans are meant to move, so staying still in any position isn’t good for your body.

Try alternating between standing and sitting every 20 minutes or so. You can even switch between sitting back in your seat and sitting at the edge of the chair. Constantly changing positions throughout your day will help get rid of tension in your head and neck and prevent permanent changes in your posture.

Another thing to consider is the height of your workstations and the screens you are watching. It’s important to change the height of your computer monitor or television so you are looking up at it slightly, rather than hunching forward and looking down. Using a sit-to-stand desk is also a great option as well.

Manage Stress

This may seem too simple, but it’s important to remember. Managing your stress will give both your mind and body a break.

By allowing yourself to unwind and recharge, you’re giving your tight muscles an opportunity to relax. You may choose to meditate, listen to music, or even exercise to relieve your stress. Find what works best for you.

You may start to notice significant improvements in head and neck tension as you manage the physical and mental symptoms of stress. Tension can lead to arthritis, loss of mobility, and muscle loss and can even make existing conditions worse, like migraines and high blood pressure. So it’s incredibly important to get it under control as early as possible.

Stretch & Strengthen

Unfortunately, modern-day living practically encourages poor posture. Whether you’re looking at your phone, sitting at a desk, or even driving, it’s inevitable to feel tension if you’re not actively doing strengthening exercises to counteract the poor posture. It’s imperative to get into a routine of stretching your head, neck, and shoulder muscles each day to help relieve tension in those areas.

Tension is often caused because the supporting musculature is weak and unable to properly support the head and neck. Performing exercises that are designed to specifically target and strengthen these muscles will counterbalance poor posture and help maintain the structural integrity of the soft tissue. Many people continue performing these exercises a few times per week after their tension has subsided in order to prevent it from returning in the future. 

Don’t let head and neck tension cause you to miss out on the upcoming holidays. Let our team create a strengthening program specifically for you and your lifestyle. Call our office today at (586) 884-4565 to schedule an appointment so you can get relief and enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones.

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