Who Needs Physical Therapy

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

As we age, our body begins to show signs of wear and tear. This may look like squinting harder to read your phone. Or it may be an achy lower back that comes from a long car ride, to name a few. Regardless of what the signs may be, the effects of aging can be mitigated! So, who needs physical therapy?

Just like we can improve our diets and improve our vision, we can also find relief from nagging aches and pain.

If you’ve ever benefited from physical therapy yourself, then you know exactly what we are talking about. So it’s only natural that you would want the most important people in your life to experience those benefits themselves!

Who Needs Physical Therapy

Here are a few ways to talk to your loved ones about physical therapy.

Your Family.

Although family can be some of the last people we want opinions from, they can also be the perfect people who give it to us straight. Don’t be afraid to have an honest conversation with your loved ones about their pain or injury. Remind them that it’s important to take care of themselves and that physical therapy is a great place to start, just like you did.

Your Friends.

You can’t always choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Oftentimes, this makes our friendships that much more special and important. If your friend is experiencing pain or struggling to complete daily tasks, recommend trying physical therapy. You can even volunteer to accompany them to their initial consultation appointment or chat with them during their drive.

Your Neighbors.

They already ask to borrow your tools and for some spare sugar, so why not give them a recommendation to alleviate their aches and pains, too? If a longtime neighbor seems to be struggling with daily tasks or slowing down, suggest physical therapy as a pain-free, surgery-free option for improving their quality of life.

We know putting your “stamp of approval” on something can be tough, so if we can help you explain physical therapy to your loved ones, give our team a call today! Thank you for your referral; it’s the ultimate compliment to our team.

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