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FAQ: What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Physical Therapy Sessions

When you begin physical therapy, you schedule your appointments for the following week. On average, each physical therapy session lasts around 45-60 minutes long. We space out appointments to make sure each patient gets their full amount of time. We take pride in providing the best care for all of our patients. That is why we have a cancellation policy in place.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, you may contact the clinic at (586) 884-4565 to leave a message, or send an email to [email protected]. Additionally, you can text our staff as well. Please provide your name, phone number, appointment date & time, and reason for the cancellation. We require a 24 hours notice for cancellations in order to avoid a cancellation fee.

Some accident claims adjusters expect regular attendance to physical therapy. This is part of a requirement for an approved treatment plan. If appointments are missed or canceled on a regular basis, it could affect the status of your claim.

Prolonging Treatment

Missing your appointments can disrupt the clinic and your physical therapist. In addition, it can even disrupt other patients as well. While sometimes you may be running behind, or forget about your appointment altogether, it’s important to respect your therapist’s time.

Your treatment plan was created by your therapist to help you get back to your regular activities as quickly as possible. They established personalized goals and have worked with you to progress toward those goals. When you miss your appointments, it interrupts your plan of care. As a result, it may end up prolonging your recovery.

We want to do all that we can to provide the care that you deserve. Not to mention, get you back to being pain-free and enjoying life again. The same-day schedule policy will allow you to continue on your recovery journey, without needing to schedule appointments ahead of time. Simply contact our office on the day you would like to have therapy and our team will work with you to find an open time that fits your schedule.

To learn about our no-show policy, click here.

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