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FAQ: What Is Your Financial Policy?

We hope that after your first visit, you will feel valued and well taken care of.  Physical Therapy is a tool. It’s a pathway to get you to your goals. Our highly trained staff members at Borja Physical Therapy strive to do their best to make your experience pleasant. As part of this relationship, we wish to review the expectations of your financial responsibility as outlined in our Financial Policy.

Health Insurance Benefits

As a courtesy, the Billing Department verifies your insurance benefits. Please provide your insurance cards prior to your first visit.

There are 3 different ways you can pay for your visits.

Financial Policy

Option #1

First, if you would like to wait until your insurance company determines your patient responsibility for each visit, we are happy to do so. In order to do this, you must place a credit card on file for automated payment at the end of each month.

Option #2

You may also enroll in a payment plan. This automatically charges 10% of your estimated total costs at the beginning of each week until the total balance for your entire plan of care is paid in full. Payment plans require credit card or bank account information to be put on file for direct withdrawals.

Option #3

Lastly, if you would prefer to not put a credit card on file, you can choose to pay each visit. We require an estimated payment at the time of service.

In rare cases, the insurance company denies claims because you need to verify your personal information. When this happens, the bill will be shifted to you until the issue is resolved. If you’re not willing to call the insurance company, you will be responsible for the entire amount of the bill.

Outstanding Balance

If you are a former patient and wish to return to physical therapy while there is still an outstanding balance on file, you must pay off the remaining balance in full. You may also enter into a payment plan agreement as well. As previously stated, the Borja PT Billing Department may work with you to create a payment plan based on the remaining balance in question.

Understand Your Benefits

It is important to understand that you are under contract with your insurance company. Your Insurance company determines the amount owed to Borja PT. This is never determined by Borja PT. 

In general, it is not acceptable for a patient not to pay their balance owed to Borja PT. Doing this is a breach of the contract with your insurance company. 

Please do not ask the billing department to adjust any charges. The insurance company determines these payments and we are not permitted to adjust them.  It is VERY important for the patient to know their individual benefits so unexpected balances do not occur. The Borja PT Billing Department files with many insurances that offer several different plans. Therefore, the patient must make sure their benefits are accurate.

If you do not have In-Network Medical Insurance, please speak with our billing coordinator to discuss self-pay options. There is no payment plan option for self-pay patients.

Workers Compensation/Motor Vehicle Accidents

We are happy to treat patients with personal injury or motor vehicle accident claims. The billing department will need information to verify each claim prior to service. For example, they will need the claim number, adjuster’s name and contact phone number, and the claim mailing address. 

Should the Workers Comp or Auto company deny your claims, the claims will be submitted to your Medical Insurance. If you do not have medical insurance, the balance will become your responsibility.  Please let us know if you have an attorney involved, along with their name and phone number as well.

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