Handicap Accessible

FAQ: Is Your Facility Handicap Accessible?

Here at Borja Physical Therapy, our world revolves around our patients’ needs! In fact, our experienced and highly trained team is here to make recovery a reachable goal! We specialize in keeping you active. We empower your decision to self-heal the natural way, without pain pills, injections or surgery. Our clinic is handicap accessible for your convenience.

Handicap Accessible

The clinic is on ground level. It is accessible for wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, scooters, and any other transportation devices. The sidewalk ramp is located in the middle of the complex, about 15 feet from our front door. In addition, there is handicap parking available for easy ramp access as well.

Handicap Accessible

We have experience treating patients with many different injuries and illnesses that have required handicap accessibility. Above all else, we aim to provide the community with helpful expert advice and care. We use proven methods for managing pain, such as through workshops, speaking events, and more. In other words, Dr. Borja uses his personal experiences and knowledge to provide the best care possible.

We recommend arriving a few minutes before your appointment so you have plenty of time to get into the clinic. This helps to make sure you’re able to spend all of your time working with the therapist.

Customer experience is one of our core values, so we make it easy for you to get instant access to our services. That is, without the usual barriers! Our unique programs allow for faster service. No script, no paperwork, and no payment are required to come in and try us first! And the result? Less work and headaches, and, best of all, more time to reach your goals!

To learn more about what to wear to your physical therapy appointments, click here. In addition, to see a map of our location and parking, click here.

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